How do you handle leftover pasta?

Have you bitten off more than you can chew or have you been a little careless with your pasta? Are you tired of reheating the same dish? Don’t panic, there are a number of anti-waste solutions to accommodate leftover pasta and treat your guests.

Opt for recycling and transformation!

A few ingredients are enough to accompany your leftovers and give life to surprising recipes, so here are some simple, practical and economical ideas.

  • Salads (see our blog post on this subject)

Pasta is just as good cold, with raw vegetables and finely chopped vegetables, accompanied by olives and a few fresh herbs, and finally, spiced up with a good vinaigrette.

  • Gratins

Simply put your pasta in a gratin dish, add fresh cream, grated cheese, bacon or vegetables and you’re done!

  • The salted cake

An ideal and original dish to make with the family. How about making a pasta cake with ham au gratin?

  • The patties

Combine your leftover pasta with a mixture of egg, cheese and flour. These patties are easy to make and cook in a pan.

  • Pan-fried

Pan-fry your pasta in a little olive oil and garnish with garlic, chives, or even pieces of bell pepper or small mushrooms. A little grilled, this pan-fried dish is a real treat!

  • The omelette

Mix the beaten eggs with the pasta, a little grated cheese and fresh herbs and cook the whole thing in the pan. Original and tasty!