The art of tasting spaghetti

The art of cooking spaghetti must be mastered to perfection. From preparation to finishing.

Many blog posts have already been devoted to this subject.


 “In Italia, non si taglia la pasta. La pasta si rispetta”, which literally means “In Italy we don’t joke about pasta. We respect it.

Let’s start with the preparation: don’t break the spaghetti to make it easier to fit into the pan. Sacrilege!

If the preparation of spaghetti is not to be taken lightly, the way to eat it is even less so.

So don’t use a knife (anymore) to cut your spaghetti! Simply unthinkable, and unforgivable in Italy!

This is an imperative, which cannot be discussed.

Your spaghetti tasting technique must obey a simple principle: it is eaten with a fork, and if it is formally forbidden to cut it, do not use a soup spoon to roll it up either.

 Let’s face it: the only “approved” way to eat spaghetti if you want to respect propriety is to wrap it around your fork with a delicate flick of your wrist.