Cooking water that’s good for you!

You’ve probably wondered what to do with the pasta cooking water once it’s cooked al dente… If, like many people, you’re just washing it down the drain, there’s another solution.

Here are some ideas* for recycling in the home, garden, household and of course the kitchen.

A cleaning product: rich in starch and salt, it has detergent properties and is useful for cleaning and getting rid of stubborn stains.

A hair care product: used as a hair care product, the water in your pasta repairs and strengthens damaged hair thanks to the starch present. Your hair will be shinier!

A natural weed killer: the salt sterilizes the soil and eliminates micro-organisms that are harmful to plants.

A footbath: thanks to the minerals it contains, the warm water will have a relaxing effect, as well as making your feet softer.

A binder for sauces: thanks to the starch it contains, it thickens the sauce, without having to add cream or extra fat.

Soup: salted pasta water is perfect as a base for soups and broths. Add some at the end of the cooking time to make the broth longer. You won’t need to add salt to your dish.

Economical and anti-waste!

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