How about getting to know the fregula?

Fregula is not well known by the public, so we would like to introduce you to it. 

Fregola, or fregula, is a typical type of pasta from Sardinia. These small pearl-shaped dry pastas originate from the Campidano region.

Sardinian fregola is one of the oldest types of pasta in Sardinia. Their name comes from the Latin ferculum, which means little crumbs.

Obtained from durum wheat semolina and water, the dough is shaped by rolling it with the pulp of the fingers in a terracotta container and then, after drying, it is toasted in the oven, which gives it its colour and a very particular nutty taste.

In Sardinian cuisine, fregula, which varies in diameter from 2 to 6 millimetres, is mainly served with broth, or is a special addition to many fish and seafood dishes.

There is no shortage of recipe ideas with this very fragrant little pasta.

Because it is very hard, fregola requires a long cooking time of about 15 minutes in boiling salted water. It absorbs the cooking liquids much more than other pasta.

We leave it to you to choose the recipe!