Pasta salad, seasonal salad

The temperatures outside are rising and the days are getting longer, so it’s time to prepare picnics and other meals on the terrace.

What could be better than a pasta salad to accompany these delicious moments?

An ideal recipe for sunny days, this seasonal salad can be eaten cold, as a main course or as a side dish.

How to prepare it to make it a success with all the gourmets?

– The types of pasta: penne, tagliatelle, farfalle, and other shapes will be perfect, as will the colored ones which will bring a summery touch. We prefer hollow or spiral pasta. Allow 100 g of pasta per person.

– Cooking the pasta: be careful not to cook it too long. Cooking it al dente is perfect!

– The garnish: give free rein to your imagination. Hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, mozzarella, cured ham, tuna, feta, smoked salmon, even fruit… There are compositions for all tastes.

– Seasoning: if the great classics are part of the game such as salt, pepper and aromatic herbs, you are also free to choose your own sauce: with pesto, balsamic vinegar, yoghurt, soya… Or simply your own dressing, the one that usually delights the whole family.

When everything is well mixed, it is advisable to keep it in a cool place until you are ready to eat it. It will only get better.


Enjoy your meal!