Awareness of the environmental emergency

In the Var, companies innovate and commit to the image of our society.

If we produce 600 tons of fresh pasta each year, we are part of an innovative environmental approach.

The organic waste produced by the factory is recovered to feed animals, the company’s sales representative drives an electric car, and the roof has been fitted with photovoltaic panels, reducing the electricity bill by 40%.

We are now innovating on the fresh pasta market by being the first company in France to distribute its products in 100% recyclable packaging.

Indeed, we are eliminating plastic packaging, switching to paper-based packaging. “It’s an additional cost of around 20%, but it’s a way of anticipating the future ban on plastic packaging. And it is above all a personal conviction” according to Olivier Meloyan.

From beliefs to action, there is only one step!

An eco-responsible approach that rhymes with the economic growth of our eco-responsible pasta company without dyes or preservatives.