Fusilli, a legendary pasta

Legend has it that one day a pasta maker wanted to surround a knitting needle with spaghetti. Then a fusilli was born!

Appeared in southern Italy. The fusilli are distinguished by a streamlined body and a grooved texture.

Also called Spirali, it can be of various colors depending on the ingredients used (spinach, wheat, carrot …) and measures up to 7 cm long and 5 mm thick.

This typical form of helix allows Fusilli to mix equally well with the most elaborate sauces as with the simplest.

Rich sauces made with ricotta or in salad, gratin, or plain in boiling water.

Here are some sample recipes:

  • Fusilli with green asparagus and bacon
  • Fusilli gratin with tuna
  • Fusilli with smoked salmon and zucchini

If there’s something for everyone, the best way to cook them is always al dente!

At home, they are made with durum wheat semolina *, water and fresh eggs *.

* Ingredients of agricultural origin obtained according to the rules of organic production