The importance of pasta as part of a balanced diet

What are the benefits?

Pasta is rich in dietary fiber

Fiber is essential for the body as it regulates intestinal transit, helps keep your figure and ward off the risk of cardiovascular disease, for example.

Pasta is moderately caloric

With 30g of raw pasta you get 100g of cooked pasta and 110kcal…

Rather, it is the accompaniment such as crème fraîche or a knob of butter that we add to them that tend to make us fat!

Pasta limits fat storage

The more slow sugars we eat, the less fast sugars we eat and the less fat we accumulate in our body.

Pasta increases satiety

Thanks to their richness in slow sugars, pasta stalls several hours after meals and thus limits cravings and other snacking cravings.

Pasta provides energy

Friendly to athletes, their high content of slow sugars and dietary fiber also helps provide long-lasting energy.