Did you know?

Did you know?


1700 BC: Invention of pasta in Mesopotamia (current Iraq)

800: Year of conquest of Sicily by the Arabs and introduction of pasta in Italy

1700: 60 pasta shops in Naples

1785: 280 pasta shops in Naples

1800: Wave of Italian immigration to Canada and introduction of pasta

14th century: pasta begins to be stuffed in Europe, more than ten centuries after China

1934: in France, a law requires the manufacture of pasta from durum wheat semolina

2009: The National Pasta Association (NPA), an American association, and the International Pasta Organization (IPO) launch World Pasta Day, which takes place every year on October 25


… And numbers


25 kg: the quantity of pasta eaten per capita each year in Italy, placing Italians at the top of the world for pasta consumption.

310: the number of types of pasta in the world.

100 grams of pasta contains 11 grams of protein, 1.4 grams of fat and 79 grams of carbohydrates. Not to mention 22 milligrams of calcium, 192 mg of potassium, and 189 mg of phosphorus, in addition to many vitamins.

56%: the increase in annual world pasta production over the past 15 years

16 packets of pasta would be sold every second in France

507,060 tonnes of pasta per year are devoured each year by the French, 59% of which is pasta imported from Italy.