A sauce with the pasta, yes! But which one?

There are around 300 kinds of pasta in the world and as many sauces on the plate, each more creative than the next.

The sauce has become inseparable from pasta to taste and whatever the type.

Indeed, far from being a simple accompaniment, pasta should not be chosen at random, but in accordance with the sauce that will accompany it.

Why ? Particularly due to the shape and constitution of the pasta which absorbs sauces in a totally different way.

The taste will be changed …

Accommodating your pasta is quite an art!

Therefore, which sauces with which pasta, for a successful taste experience?

Here are some examples :

Spaghetti is ideal with sauces made from vegetables, olive oil, such as tomato and basil sauce, or smooth sauces made from cream, such as carbonara sauce.

Penne lisce have a smooth shape making it possible to highlight all types of sauces, unlike short pasta with grooves, such as penne rigate or rigatoni which promote better adhesion of the sauce, especially the meat-based one, bolognese for example, both inside and out.

Fresh egg pasta, such as tagliatelle, is porous and goes wonderfully with rich sauces: 3 cheeses, carbonara, or béchamel or with marine sauces, with cockles, prawns, mussels …

What about stuffed pasta, like ravioli, that envelops a generally very tasty stuffing? The flavors only need to be revealed with a fairly neutral sauce.

These are just a few tips, as “all tastes are in nature”, the main thing is to have a successful taste experience.