The dynamic fresh pasta market in France

The French are among the countries that consume the most pasta, with an average of 8 kilograms per year, or about 500,000 tons of pasta consumed. Only three countries do better, including Italy and Greece. On the other hand, it is El Salvador that consumes the least: barely 1 kg per inhabitant per year.

In 2017, 98% of households purchased pasta at least once a year for consumption in the main home (70% for fresh pasta and 97% for dry pasta). However, if population growth is taken into account between 2007 and 2017, this represents a gain of 1.9 million homebuyers in this market over a period of ten years.

Pasta consumption is truly rooted in French dietary habits, with nearly 27.5 million households buying.

Made of flour, water, salt and sometimes eggs, pasta is available in many forms: spaghetti, macaroni, etc. They are served in sauce, with a variety of seasonings, or as a side dish. Pasta can be dry, fresh (very regulated in France with a humidity rate above 12%) or frozen.

Today, more than 30 years after their appearance on the large and medium surface, the proportion of fresh pasta continues to increase and it is still attracting more enthusiasts.

This is due to the French’ passion for Italian gastronomy, but also to the development of a premium and innovative offer (colors, tastes, organic, etc.)

Tagliatelle is still a must for consumers, but stuffed pasta now accounts for 60% of the turnover of fresh pasta and weighs 42% of the volume. Much more recent and still modest, the stove segment contributes to 16% of the volume of fresh pasta.

Around these three families of fresh pasta, the market is animated mainly by national brands, followed by the brands of distributors who are losing speed and finally by the small regional brands which are great alternatives.

Far from offering yet another reference of ravioli to the four cheeses, these brands are meant to be premium, innovative and qualitative.

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