Tagliatelle With Fresh Eggs


Pasta made from a premium durum wheat semolina paste.

Preparation: Cook the tagliatelle in simmering salted water, with a drizzle of oil or cube broth, for 3 to 5 minutes.

Drain, salt, pepper, accommodate with butter or a sauce according to your taste, and serve.

Tagliatelle takes about 1.7 times its weight after cooking.

tiktok takipçi satın al



Tagliatelle with Fresh Eggs

Cooking time: 3 to 5 min

Standard packaging and packing - Manufacturing

Bag in protective atmosphere:
8 X 500g: Gencod: 3592020000988
6 X 1Kg: Gencod: 3592020000933
8 X 800g: Gencod: 3592020009110

In bulk packaging:
Boxes from 8 to 10 Kg Gencod: 3592020000919

Manufacturing: Daily

Product Range: Traditional pasta with fresh egg

Ingredients and nutritional information

High quality durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs (14%), water.

Allergen: wheat gluten


Total shelf life: 21 days between 0 ° and + 6 ° C in sachets in a protective atmosphere.

Minimum use-by date: 18 days.

Total shelf life: 12 days between 0 ° and + 6 ° C in bulk packaging.

Minimum use-by date: 7 days


Fat: 2.5%

Carbohydrate: 57.9%

Protein: 10.4%

P / L> 1

Humidity: 29.6%

Energy value: 296

Yield: 1.7


Length: 30cm

Width: 0.8 cm

Pasta thickness: 0.8 mm

Unit weight: 2 g + -0.2

MICROBIOLOGICAL CRITERIA (arr. 21 déc. 1979, art 3 modifié par arr. 29 février 1996)
Aerobic microorganisms 30°C max 300.000/g
Coliforms 30 °C max 1000/g
Thermotolerant coliforms max 10/g
Staphylococci Aureus (46°C) max 100/g
Anaerobes Sulfito Reducers (46°C) max 30/g
Listeria monocytogenes absence/25g
Salmonella absence/25g

Complies with decree N ° 55.1175 of August 31, 1955 / Jo of 4.09.55
Article 3: Percentage of egg in accordance with the decree, 140Grs per Kg of semolina.

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